Genius Love

by Phillip E. Mitchell

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released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Phillip E. Mitchell Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Infinity
We lie still looking up at the stars
You say "What if a heart's that big,
And it's expanding like those lights out of reach,
just a mirror of the life we live?"

And as you whisper soft
it's like you already know
everything I can say

Here we go
Like it was always a part of the plan
Here we go
A secret we won't understand
Here we go
Infinity held in our hands,
never thinking the journey will end

Cigarette smoke and whiskey nights
I used to think I was lost in this maze
of crowded bars and hollow skies
a constellation of empty days

and though there's nothing for sure
it's like there's a world in your eyes just for me

This time I think it's right
This space we fill is filling up the night
Track Name: Genius Love
You're way too smart for this
You're way too smart for empty
cliche lines of sentiment
And if I sing about
The beauty in your smile
you'd say you haven't seen it yet

And though I try to write it down
it's nothing close to what I've found

So I'm waiting on the perfect words
The perfect rhymes, the perfect form
to tell you just what I am feeling
I'm waiting on the ideal tune
a melody that says the truth
to tell you just what I am meaning
to match the genius love I feel with you

I have searched for gold
and flowers just to hold you
for a second
with my artistry
and what I've found is this:
nothing there exists
but a shadow of our mystery
Track Name: Here
I stand alone inside our house
wondering where you've disappeared
the life we had has fallen down
I stare inside this shattered mirror
we've grown too old and way too fast
I wish you'd see this too shall pass
and you'd realize

That here, here where the light will find you
here where you'll rest assured that you
will never rest alone
Here, here where my arms will hold you
and every secret I told you
slowly will unfold
here you can call home

you park your car outside our house
the neighborhood is fast asleep
your starlit eyes are fallen now
You wonder where we lost the dream
I wait from the window watching you
when you open the door I stand in shadows
with open arms...

and though you feel the burden of
a life you thought you wanted once
I'll be right here...
Track Name: I Will Wait for You
Your heart beating next to mine
here on our last night
though planes move fast
they'll always speed you home

melancholy angels got us crying on the floor
though we whisper our goodbyes
goodbyes don't last for long

and I'll will wait for you

We stand silent at the gate
you turn and walk away
and give me one last look before you go

melancholy angels hover round us as we cry
I light another cigarette
as your plane takes off in flight
Track Name: San Francisco
Well your California moonlight
is reflecting off the bay
I'm sure Stockton street is restless tonight

a friend that we both know
calls to see if I'm okay
But I never have the nerve to bring you up

He said your art reminds him
of a girl without a face
and he said you got a following in town
I said that I am happy
that you finally found your place
but I hate it that you're far away right now

You dream in colors and rainbows
I dream in black and white
You got the vision of God in your head
But if there's one thing I know
you'll never paint it true
when you're running from the one you can't let go
I dream in New York City
You dream in San Francisco

This place won't ever sleep
and my head is lost between
the world that stretches out from coast to coast
I take these pills for comfort
I sleep in taxi cabs
I got a picture in my mind of Golden Gate
So I'm calling you tonight
to remind you of the truth
a painting that you titled A to B
we were standing on a bridge
both at either side
and our arms reached out in love across the bay

Do you remember?
Track Name: 2,000 Miles
Sunflowers resting there on windowsills
you're dressed in white and silent, sitting still
waiting for love, 2,000 miles

Don't you know that history repeats, my love
and where we were, we will be again?
Don't you know that when the world was young, we were,
And time is just a way to keep our record straight?

Sometimes I walk for days without a drink
sometimes the sky descends with rivers deep
and there you are, 2,000 miles
Track Name: Evelyn
Evelyn walks under storm clouds
down to the corner of main
Evelyn walks with her daughter in hand
Sarah is scared it will rain
Evelyn looks at the lovers
milling about on the square
Evelyn wonders what happened to hers
Is there someone who cares anywhere?

Cause Evelyn wants to be in love
And Evelyn knows the feeling that she longs for
is just the way that it should be
here inside the dream
where Evelyn lives

Evelyn kneels in a church just to pray
Sarah, she waits at her side
Tugging her mother in Sunday best
Wanting to go back outside
Evelyn takes her for ice cream
the rain in the sky starts to fall
A gentleman walking ahead stops for them
sharing umbrella they walk everywhere

they make their way to her apartment downtown
they stand outside there in the rain
sarah laughs, the man says "It's nice to meet you."
And Evelyn smiles...
Track Name: The Reason
I wake up screaming from a dream
You touch me softly in the night
we walk down silent midnight streets
you tell me everything's all right
and every time that I get lost inside my head
you reach through hell and back to get me out again
you saved my life

You're the reason why
There's no reason to fear
You're the reason why I'm here

We sat for hours in the park
I listened to you hum a song
Headlights shone across your face
You take my hand and lead me home
You wrap me up inside your arms and kiss my face
and I can finally rest that hollow, endless ache,
You saved my life
Track Name: The Older I Get
here in my room
I write one more song for a girl
and although the tune is beautiful,
I'm not so sure
At 32, the world that I knew
has withered and died in my hands
and all I've been through
is all of the proof I've needed to understand

The older I get the more that I see
the more I am hopelessly falling to pieces
The older I get the more that I see
that love is the only solution to save me

Here in the dark I dream of holding her close
and If I am wrong, I'll try again I suppose
But is it too much to ask for the touch
of someone who won't ever leave?
I guess I'm naive to try and believe
in a dream that lies far out of reach.

Without it it's a mystery
your logic is dismantled
without it you will never see
everything that matters
I listen to her heartbeat
and wonder what I have here
I touch her lips and kiss her
but this could be disaster.
Track Name: Start of a Miracle
They keep on talking 'bout the second coming
like a miracle will split the sky
down on the avenue the kids are running
they got a vision of the end of times
we got the windows down like this ain't nothing
we got a taste of heaven here tonight
we got a kingdom down on this old highway
we'll touch the shadows with a holy light
and we won't need a reason while this ole town is sleeping
to hit the pedal and rise

We're gonna love like it's the end of the world
it's the end of the world
it's the start of a miracle for us

Your brown hair blowing in this hurricane
my hands are holding you as rain falls down
we got an earthquake tearing up this place
let's stay here baby until we drown
we'll take our chances on this lonely night
another purpose for this life we live
we're gonna take that sadness in our minds
we're gonna make our own apocalypse

and we won't need a reason
while this ole town is sleeping
I'll touch your body and rise

Oh it's something beautiful baby
Oh, while the city is crumbling
it's something beautiful baby tonight