by Phillip E Mitchell

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Recent news:

"Love" placed in the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest (2012)

"Committed" placed in the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest (2015)

"Human" placed in the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest (2015)

"Phoenix Hill" received a runner-up placement in the Song of the Year Contest (2013):

Singer-songwriter and pianist Phillip E. Mitchell’s LP, Therapy, should keep you on the couch for the duration of its forty-five minute running time—about the time of a typical session of therapy, but for a reduced fee. Athens music magazine, The Flagpole, called Mitchell’s music “soulful” and “mellow” with a “theatrical edge” while on tour with the Colorful Quiet in 2009. Therapy continues this tradition.

After raising money on, Mitchell recruited a stellar line-up of musicians to help him realize his vision. Gerry Hansen, drummer and producer of Shawn Mullins’ newest album Light You Up, came aboard to play drums. Famed Nashville producer and former member of Fleming and John, John Mark Painter (Ben Folds & Gabe Dixon Band), contributed horn tracks, Grammy nominated John Keane (Widespread Panic & R.E.M.) played bass, and Andy Carlson (R.E.M & the Cowboy Junkies), whom the New York Times called “demon fiddler,” arranged and played strings.

Mitchell’s music avoids easy point-by-point comparisons to other artists in the piano pop pantheon. While he cites Folds, Jimmy Webb, Elton John, Billy Joel, Randy Newman, and Leon Russell as influences, his songs, both in melodic sensibility and style, are all his own.


released April 13, 2013

All songs written by Phillip E. Mitchell
Produced by Phillip E. Mitchell

John Amoss: Accordion
Andy Carlson: Violin and viola
Gerry Hansen: Drums and percussion
John Keane: Bass
Jason Kesler: Background Vocals, guitar
Cora Kuyvenhoven: Cello
Shannon MacMahon: Backgrounds on "Love"
Matthew Mitchell: Backgrounds on "Committed"
Phillip E. Mitchell: Piano, vocals, organs, background vocals, and trumpet solo on "Avalon"
John Mark Painter: baritone sax, trumpet, trombone, french horn, and flugelhorn
Mialy R: Backgrounds on "Human"
Carole Rakotovelo: Choir and solo on "Warm"

Engineers: Nick Curtis, Lucas Dorier, Gerry Hansen, John Keane, John Mark Painter, and Phillip E Mitchell

Recorded at

John Keane Studios, Athens, GA
IHOF, Nashville, TN
Earthwork Studio, Newark, OH
Creekside Studio, Lawrenceville, GA
P.M. Studios, Jefferson, GA
Ready, Set, Record, Franklin, TN

Additional tracks recorded in:
Brussels, Belgium and Dole, France

String arrangements: Andy Carlson
Strings recorded at Earthwork Studio, Newark, OH
Horn arrangements: John Mark Painter
Horns recorded at IHOF, Nashville, TN
Mixed and Mastered at Ready, Set, Record by Nick Curtis
Additional editing by John Keane



all rights reserved


Phillip E. Mitchell Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Wandering Eyes
I started young with my foot against the pedal, baby
I say goodbye to every fool I've known
I'll blow it out on a spread of highway, baby
You don't want to see my fall
I didn't think so at all

You started out looking small inside the mirror, baby
I left behind a debt I'll never pay
We started out with the ending drawing nearer, baby

You know that I've got wandering eyes
and wandering eyes don't see
You know that I've got wandering eyes
and wandering eyes don't recognize
everything you see when you look into my eyes

I'm leaving now with my finger on the trigger, baby
I'm leaving now, walking backwards into night
You can smoke your cigarette
and pretend it's ever after, baby
But you don't want to see me fall
Didn't think so at all
Track Name: Phoenix Hill
You drove all night from Illinois
To meet me there on phoenix hill
And everything was beautiful
You took my hand and said my name
You asked me if I felt the same
I said a hundred fold
Your eyes, sad under lights on the street
We danced while the world was asleep
Then fell into secrets we’ll keep

And there’s nothing at all that I wouldn’t give
To be in this moment as long as I live
Just to hold you until dawn
But I will always have this song

I watched your taillights disappear
I watched you run from all you fear
While angels came tumbling down
I locked myself inside my room
I drank all night and slept til noon
Looking for an easy out
I know dreams don’t come easy like this
I will always remember your kiss
Though you love a life I don’t fit into

And when time’s illusions fall away in disgrace
We will be there

And there’s nothing at all that I wouldn’t do
To be in this moment forever with you
Like two statues carved in stone
But I will always have this song
Track Name: Human
it's good just to breathe in
it's good just to wait for the moment to pass
it's good to be human
it's good to feel love when you're falling fast

it's good to remember
somewhere ahead you will see the light
it's good to find shelter
here in the arms of a friend tonight

and though you walk in shadows now
tomorrow you'll be dancing inside the sun
I will never let you down
I will carry you like a lover should

it's good just to lie down
it's good just to breathe for a while instead
it's good to find refuge
it's good just to sleep while I hold your hand

it's good to know someone
someone whose heart knows where you've been
it's good to know someone
someone like me who understands

don't give up believing
you've got every reason to live
don't give up believing
it's not the end
Track Name: Mama
Oh, Mama, look at me now
Look at the bruises on my brow
Oh, Mama, when i was a child
You busted my lip so you could survive
Oh, Mama, I saw you today
You hid under covers to sleep it away
Oh, Mama dad wrecked the car
I dream of him silent now with his scars

And every word you say is a lie
You just pretend I'll be all right

Take a deep breath
Shut your eyes
The ocean is dark
Keep your hands up
The current is wild
The water is cold
After this fall you'll never have enough love
Will we ever get enough love

Oh, Mama, I think I forgive
I've only got one life to live
oh mama although you failed
I've got my own rough winds to sail

And what if all I say is a lie
And I just pretend I'll be all right
Track Name: Avalon
It was raining on Valentine's Day
when you'd almost given up
Mother slept it off for a while
and my brother and I got drunk

While you were tied in electric chains
I was passed out on the floor
for three long nights
no one came to your hospital door

Time moves slowly here in Avalon
We live only for a little while
We must love while we can
And carry the weight on our backs

Room 232 I set my bag down on the floor
You were there with your eyes on the TV
the TV was turned off
I think it was a surprise to see me
as I fell into the chair
You said you thought that you were forsaken
Well, not while I'm still here
Track Name: Love
I know you are hurting
I read it in your touch
I feel close but far away
It’s never quite enough
You read to me last night
And every word was true
Someone else’s old love letters
Open the door to you

Love, love’s waiting here for you
What else can I do to show you?
Love, love shouldn’t shut you out
Or leave you with your doubts
When I can hold you

Remember all this open space
Is just a great façade
Highways run long distance
But my heart lives where you are

And if you change your mind love
And words come spilling out
These tired arms will wrap around
The promise I’m without
Track Name: I'm the One You Fear
I take out the watch you gave me Christmas day
The battery died and it's been stuck at half past eight
I see you there reflected in the glass
you think it's like me, worthless and free, you think it's like me

It's getting dark in here
and I'm the one you fear
It's getting dark in here
and I'm the one you want to disappear

I spot you at night alone there in your chair
from the hallway I watch you casting vacant stares
it's a picture for me of how all good things must pass
I'm gripped by desire, I put out the fire, I'm burning alive

even the unbelievers will be saved
even a legion of demons can find grace
just when the world is turning in its grave
we will save face! We will save face! We will save face!
Track Name: Warm
She takes her pills on a Saturday
And looks at the ring you left there in the drawer
You’re off on the road for business you say
And she wonders just what kind of dealing goes down
And late in the night she’s suspicious
As the chemicals undo their spell
She calls me to tell me of that empty place she feels
And Imma fly up tonight and make her well

You take her staying for granted
She’s down on her knees
Asking me to come and hold her close
You’ll know once this plane has landed
And I give her what she needs
Your woman just wants to be warm

Do not disturb
We’re wrapped up in sheets
And I left my phone in the fountain downstairs
She’s got the look of a goddess tonight
And I’m just a man with my hands in her hair
And she’s got no need for suspicion
I promise her all this is true
And in time she’ll see as she’s holding me that I’m the one who’ll follow through

Repeat chorus

No, she don’t need your diamonds
No, she don’t need your money to get by
She’s got a heart raging wild like a storm
Oh your woman just wants to be warm
Track Name: Committed
Look at me baby
Look at you
You're in your white wedding dress
In a padded room
Look at you baby
Look at me
I traded my tuxedo in for a chance to be free
so while you savor every taste of wedding cake
I gotta car out back just for my great escape

I don't want to be committed to an institution
all my lifelong days
I don't want to be talking 'bout a revolution
when I want this my way

I got the radio blasting
I left that church behind
I got the wheels turning fast
and the sun in my eyes
I don't know where I'm going
Maybe I don't care
I'm doing both of us a favor
I hope you understand

And if you see it my way
maybe we can talk sometime
laughing over dinner
saying, 'we were oh so blind'

And I don't need no therapy
to tell me how to be
I've got this feeling
set on liberty
Track Name: Our Last Drive
We gave up our innocence and expectations
We drove home in silence beneath this shadow sky
And trailing our headlights with speculation
How did we end up on the road at night?

I won't regret a single moment's passion
And, no, I don't blame you for the love you stole
All this we say without looking over
An empty space where our elbows touch

We might not find it right now
But we'll find it somehow
We gotta keep the faith that keeps us alive
We might not understand the grace
That keeps us in place
As the world is crumbling right before our eyes
On our last drive

I saw you tonight and you were huddled over
yesterday's papers with your pale white hands
I know I'm a child and that getting older
Doesn't appeal to me like it does to a man
So come out tonight and let's turn the engine
I'll take you up to Turner's End, and we'll drive some more
Don't mind the darkness it's a blanket for your sorrow
I got my foot on the pedal and my heart on the floor
Track Name: I'm Sorry
You waited there out in the rain
You held my jacket in your hand with my favorite smile
And I drove by, no, I couldn't stop
I caught your eye and then you knew I had given up

And if you call me up tonight
I will only say I'm sorry
And if you call me up tonight
I will only say I never meant to hurt you in this way

I lie awake with my eyes glued to the ceiling
and every desperate intention seems to hover overhead
I see you there with your head hung low
yeah, you're standing in my mind like you're etched in stone

And after all the bridges have collapsed
After all the miles you will one day put behind
You will see everything I meant
You will see I could never give you what you need
Well, maybe I am meant for this
lying in the bed alone
Maybe I am meant to suffer once you're gone